Urban Myth: A philosophy student receives his exam paper, on which the only question is: "Is this a question?" The student, in his infinite wisdom, writes: "If this is an answer." He gets an A.
This is clearly fibbery of the highest order.
This lesser-known modifier to first the worst (qv) turned the original second person into the worst and promoted the hairy chested third person to being the best. The hero and the best could then argue amongst themselves.
The name of a rugby ball headed zip-for-mouth know-all bastard in the children's series Rainbow. He would put his hand to his mouth, wiggle his fingers, and laugh at people. Also a name for a boy who manages to catch his banjo string in his zip flies. This can result in a lot of blood, and certainly did at our school. Despite the massive wave of sympathy we all felt for a fellow male who has had such an accident, it didn't stop him being re-christened "Zippy" from the very second he left the nurse. It was always guaranteed to throw him into a fit of rage, so consequently he spent the rest of his time at that school in a fairly bad mood. Our Rainbow impressions improved no end with all the practise though...
Just in case you were really interested, the actual name for the d100 is the Zocchihedron. Have a look at this: http://www.multimania.com/arjan/num100.htm
The name of a game invented in an attempt to hint at our wonderfully run down comp that we would not tolerate cheap fixtures and fittings. We discovered that the inside of a biro, coupled with the classic 'rubber band catapult' operated twixt finger and thumb could result in much fun. Fired at precisely the moment the teachers back was turned the aforementioned biro bits would stick in the polysterene roof tiles, much to our glee. Given that teachers are so wont to turn round, by the time the class was over the pre-selected roof tile would look like it had in fact been attacked by a tribe of minature Zulu's (albeit Zulus who attack miniature Michael Caines with the inside of a pen). Although immensely popular this game faded out as quick as it had arrived, replaced by the infinitely more dangerous, and therefore, more fun 'Zulu Fat Kid's Arm'.
1. Interjection. Impressionistic ejaculation, connoting the personal peculiarities of a muscular, bright-eyed, possibly gay English teacher with wiry forearms and hands. He was in the habit of spreading his hands dramatically on the table as he leaned forward talking rapidly and precisely. The synaesthesic verbal summation of this was, obviously, Zwee.
2. Noun. A mythic creature resembling a hand walking on its five digits; a copiously veined, disembodied hand with eyes. Draw the creature on any spare sheet of paper and have it say in a speech bubble, 'Zwee.'
Graphics : 8 colours, including cyan and magenta. These two colours, part of the CMYK professional printing colour model, were presumably included to promote the use of the machine as a serious desktop publishing workhorse. Could not deal with more than two colours in any 8x8 "character" area of screen.
Sounds : sounds were made using the BEEP command, specifying pitch and duration. Basically a monophonic mobile phone. Best use of this method remains Manic Miner's rendition of "In The Hall Of The Mountain King".
Magazine : Crash
Main rival, and why it was shit : The Commodore 64. How people argued that the Spectrum was better - and they did - was beyond me. Both computers were shit; the Spectrum was shitter.