Combination of 'quadroplegic' and 'donkey'. And that's it.
An ever-evolving gentlemen's society which began by setting up a club where three of us would all cram ourselves into a big drawer under a friend's bed and pull it closed.
When the (clearly) limited point of such a club was realised, it evolved its practices thusly:
Reading comics in the drawer.
Reading comics next to the drawer.
Putting George in the drawer.
Putting George in the drawer until he begged for release.
Hitting George.
Stealing from George.
The society was forced to disband with the arrival of homemade ninja weapons and a trip to hospital for George and his newly grounded friends.
After the release of Total Recall, we happily had a kid in our year called Quiad, the name of Arnold's hero in the film. A rather routine session of imitating the alien/mutant's cries of "Quaaaaaaaaid" until he started crying became elevated slightly when his older brother found him, and asked him why he was so upset. When little Quaid said "They keep calling me Quaid", big Quaid simply replies "It's your name, you stupid cunt," and punches him in the face.
A vaginal fart. Also useful for attracting the attention of Keith, who will say "what?" Hilarity will be waiting just around the corner.
A cruel and unusual punishment, wherein the intended victim is held very firmly to the floor. Then, whoever has the sweatiest ringpeice pulls down his own pants and gently lowers it onto the nose of the receiver. Why this is called a Queenie, I don't know.
The form of career guidance that takes into account your grades, your personal strengths, your desires, and your requests of wonderful careers such as 'monkey butler' or 'sock puppet trainer', and tells you to enter accountancy.
There was a bizarre computer program at our school where you entered your potential grades in GCSE/A Level, filled in a questionnaire about your likes and dislikes, and in return got a list of jobs that were right for you. I got 'Blacksmith' and 'Fast Food Manager'. Fortunately, the accuracy of the offending program has been proved to be questionable at best. Though I suppose it would be quite nice, being a blacksmith.
A hairless (esp. pubeless) male individual who has showered in the company of more virile boys and been seen for the queggy girl that he is.
A mid-Wales term insult that had three simultaneous meanings. It meant, predictably enough, that you were gay, lesbian, hermaphrodite, or all three.
The porn-star possibilities that being a gay lesbian hermaphrodite would open up to you are cock-, tits-, ass- and mind-blowing.
Queynte, a noun occuring in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. The Miller, being a sanguine and bawdy character, was prone to grabbing women by their queynte, much like a cross between a bowling ball and a mitten.
In the same way you can briefly get away with the word bastard during discussions of Nativity Plays, reading the Miller's Tale is the one time you can say the word cunt to a teacher, safe in the knowledge that you are appreciating an etymology, and not simply saying cunt.
At the end of the year, when kids were clearing out their desks and didn't want stuff any more, they would hold up an item and shout "Quiz!". The first kid to respond with a yell of "Eggo!" was given the item. The bidding could get fast and furious, but shouting "eggo!" prematurely was inadvisable, in case you got a gym sock, or some mong child's snot collection, and were honour bound to keep it. The words may be derived from Latin, although Latin was never taught at my school. Odd.
A joyless rubber hoop from really early PE classes, where they didn't think you capable of using something so wildly complex as a ball. Accompanied by little bean bags that can in no way be used into conjunction with the quoits. Especially in Roman Catholic schools, where balls are considered too much fun, and sexy.