An interesting, if not particularly amusing, historical footnote...

The name Joey also morphed to suggest 'man-servant' or 'slave'. If, for example, you were good enough to respond to a schoolmate's request to pass the tomato sauce, you were more likely to be met with a sarky "cheers, Joey" than a "thank you very much". Even if the recipient responded gratefully, the rest of your mates would ask "what are you... his Joey?"

The act of creeping up behind someone in the the playground, then repeatedly kneeing them up the arse while chirpily singing the famous cockney ditty. Joyous in its simplicity.

Nickname given to a boy with 'gozzy' eyes. In the first year of senior school his eyes were great, man, no problem. Then one eye went West, meaning that whilst one was looking directly at you the other was pointing towards Prestatyn or somewhere. This earnt him the nickname 'Home And Away'.

Then his other eye went weird too.

Kiss chase could also be extremely dangerous. I, for one, broke my arm chasing a weedy little boy. Damn, I wanted that kiss.

Another example of highly encourageable simple children. Timmy Long was a special needs kid at our primary school who would, if you chanted "Let's Go Timmy Long!", start to run around the playing field in ever decreasing circles, until he reached a point where he would be spinning in a circle.
As a finale, he'd collapse and have to be taken home.

An alternative activity to looking at me, but one which unfortunately has the same outcome, to wit, losing your fucking teeth.

Collecting ketchup packets became popular among some in my American high school one year. However, since they were free this considerably upped the ante for what made an impressive cache of the packets. Shortly after one zelous collector filled a trash bag with the packets, the school switched to pump bottles of ketchup. THESE then started disappearing until they were chained down to the counter.

A child with an exceptionally small penis. i.e. a penis so small, it could fit in the hole of a Polo Mint.
Accusations of minterdom are rarely backed up with any form of medical or photographic evidence.

This is a really fun game from Western Australia, invented by me and my brother. To play, you get in the shower with someone else and two flannels and nominate who will be teacher and who will be the child. Then the teacher says 'It's time for a nap now'. So you both fold a flannel in half and lie down on the shower floor, using the flannel as a kind of pillow. You also have to kind of spoon each other because there's not much room. It was a really good game.

Joke that you can use to ridicule Jehova's Witnesses. "Knock knock / Who's There? / It's your mum and dad....". See also Christmas.