Report for Gilbo
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SummaryPerfectly Exquisite

Can only be done by lads too tough to be worried about retribution. Involved sticking your finger up your arse asking someone naive to "smell my finger" then wiping a brown stosh across their top lip.

After a chinese girl gobbed in someone's (OK, my) face, the game of "it" was transformed into the game of "chow mein". Essentially the same game, but you're passing on a different condition.

As in "who just waved an eggy banner?" A fart.

Pants checkers will go to the changing room during swimming, while everyone else was in the pool. Then, they would check all pants for "poo stripes." I agree, strange in hindsight. Philip Connors pants generally tested positive and then would be held aloft by the side of the swimming pool accompanied by shouts of "Err Connors got poo stripes".

In junior school I had a school medical where a man made me run round the gym naked. No one believes me and thinks it's some kind of strange fantasy, but it must be true as I remember dropping a mini skip and a jump in and no one fantasizes in that much detail.