fake swearing
Consequence-free rudeness. Extending the ring finger, or making V-signs with the middle and ring fingers, will cause initial shock and offence, but when it is pointed out which fingers you are using, the parent or teacher will find themselves impotent in the face of your devilish wit. That's how it's supposed to work, at least.
written by Bo*s M*ry*l, approved by Phil

Bull Poo (pathetic),
Sheet Head (better),
Mother Fudder (acceptable).
Fudder can be explained away as a mud distrubution system not unlike the jobby wheeker, which is the last funny thing that Billy Connolly said.
written by Dr*Rin*pi*ce, approved by Log

I'm sure everyone who had been forced to learn Latin at my school knew that they had free reign to scream "Fac id!" and then be left to try to explain to a teacher how actually they were demonstrating their dedication to their schoolwork by practicing irregular imperitives in their spare time.
written by an*nymo*s use*, approved by Jamie