The fat bloke out of Brush Strokes, therefore any fat person in any class in any school, from 1986-88. In particular, Andrew Barlow. Andrew delivered swift and heavy justice to people who called him Elmo. He was the tallest boy in the year, and so was in the most commanding position to deliver a painful bundy. The fat bloke was also in Chelmsford 123, with a similarly stupid fat sounding name. This caught on for a brief while, but appalling as Brush Strokes was, it was better than fucking Chelmsford 123.
written by Jo* Bly*h, approved by Log

The character of Elmo hilariously opened his own wine bar, creatively named "Elmo Putney's Wine Bar". Thus, any place where more than one fat person congregated became known as Elmo Putney's Wine Bar. Which, to be fair, would be quite a sophisticated place to hang out for a bunch of overweight 12-year-olds. Certainly classier than "the queue for the ice cream van" or "the spot outside the nurses office where you pick up inhalers".
written by Su*an*Tob*cco, approved by Phil