l, a mathemagical adventure

Log says...is this funny with my addition of a tips pages walkthrough?

Phil says...no it's not

Log says...fuck you I'm approving it anyway

A text-only adventure. I always got stuck on the bit where you had to cross the river in the bathtub with polygonal holes in it.

Well, anonymous user, we can help you there! In the true spirit of Crystal Tips and Alistair, here is the solution to that tricky bathtub teaser! To plug its holes, USE TETRAHEDRON, USE CUBE, USE ICOSAHEDRON, USE OCTAHEDRON, USE DODECAHEDRON. To make yourself light enough, DROP BOTTLE, DROP PHIAL. Then LOOK BATH to traverse the flow. Does anyone else have any problems with 1980's text-only adventures? Have you tried asking Gandalf to carry you?
written by an*nym*us u*er, approved by Log