la plante magique
A comic strip and casette based story in some pre-GCSE textbooks. Also something that should be shouted at someone whilst throwing grass at them/shoving bundles of grass down their jumpers.
written by Ph*l Ca*ter*ll, approved by Log

"La sac magique", from Tots TV, is presumably something to say whilst delivering your wrath unto a colleagues testicles.

There's also a line from Bill Hicks' Revelations video about a "Hairy sack of magic" which made Tots TV more unintentionally hilarious. -Susan.
written by Jo* Bl*th, approved by Phil

La Saq Magique is something we developed in pikey student years which glasses/ashtrays/bog roll etc disappear into from the pub then reappear in scummy student flat - still works these days...
written by excluded pupil, approved by Susan