rainbow kiss
Another of the mystical acts, such as felching, and squicking. Simply to clear the air, my understanding of a rainbow kiss is that the man gives the lady a mouthpiece when she is subscribing to the monthly rags. After a certain time, he rears up his head and kisses the lady, who doesn't appear to mind that she is being fed her own chewed up placenta. Why this is a rainbow kiss is somewhat confusing. Red, for the blood, obviously. Yellow, for the wee-wee. But green, purple, blue? I should be concerned.
written by Jo* Bly*h, approved by Log

I have heard that the female participant should have a mouth chock-full of jizzum ready for when the male participant offers her his gift. It is said that the ensuing mix of bodily fluids affords a far more appealing 'rainbow' effect.
written by s *ield, approved by Susan

That's not what it is at all. A rainbow kiss is an immediate post-blowjob frenchie, with the semen swirled between the mouths of the amorous young lovers. I know this to be true, because an older boy from another school told me on camp.
(Thanks to Dr Ringpiece for pointing out that this practice is actually called snowballing.)
written by Al*xande* Po, Dr*Rin*pi*ce, approved by Phil

Both right, both wrong. It's a 69 while she's got the painters in. After geezer cums in lady's mouth (though to describe her as a lady is dubious) they mix up the semen and the menstrual blood in a joyous tribute to their dirty yet loving relationship. True lovers swallow it too. The mingers.
written by Ca*los*the *ack*l, approved by Log