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You are in the Atrium of the Disapproved. These are posts that were rejected. We had a few in-house rules. No 'yeah we did that at our school but it was a lad called henry'. No cruelty without humour, unless it was cruelty so spectacular that it made you actually think. Like, really think. Say 'hmm' and everything. You might find the posts are broken and conversational - that's because we'd pass them around with comments like CAN YOU FIND THE JOKE IN THIS I'M GOING MENNAL. Enjoy?

watch out for admin chat
Because you're about to read stuff that was never intended to be seen, you might also see the editors chatting among ourselves. If you see Edward Cockfingers, he's the imaginary editor we'd throw to with the worst entries. He has his very own page.

Admin chat looks like this. I'm Log, the nice one. All of the other admins have gone now. On the up-side I've got a second monitor these days so I'm rarely not wanking

you have been briefed
Now return to the page you were on, bearing in mind that you've just manipulated the timeline, and things might be different.