Eech, meech, hen's keech, toley, bum, fart.
Quite simply the rudest phrase that can be uttered by a six year old Scottish child.

Apparently a toley is a willy, and hen's keech is chicken poo. No further translation is provided.
written by He*mut *he*se, approved by Phil

Just so that you know, a toley is in fact a jobbie, and not a willy as previously suggested.
written by Br*ther *enj* W*ateve*, approved by Susan

Also the Scottish expression wee toley means turtle's head. So as long as you're in Scotland, you can say "Oh, so ye cannae sit fae yer wee toley?", without anyone replying what the fuck are you talking about?
written by gr*g *s be*t, approved by Log