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This is LotP Limbo. The foyer of the unapproved. Maybe it was poor quality? Maybe we had nostalgia fatigue. Maybe there was a massive swamp of unfunny shit to wade through, that drained us of our will to edit. You're about to watch Highlander 2, and it IS going to ruin the first film for you.

Warning: if we never even saw it, then there might be horrible nonsense in here. So, these pages won't be indexed If you find anything actionably horrible, please contact Log on Twitter

watch out for admin chat
Because you're about to read stuff that was never intended to be seen, you might also see the editors chatting among ourselves. If you see Edward Cockfingers, he's the imaginary editor we'd throw to with the worst entries. He has his very own page.

Admin chat looks like this. I'm Log, the nice one. All of the other admins have gone now. On the up-side I've got a second monitor these days so I'm rarely not wanking

you have been briefed
Now return to the page you were on, bearing in mind that you've just manipulated the timeline, and things might be different.